Do you want to appear in one of our shows? Or maybe help out behind the scenes? We are always looking for actors and actresses of all ages (all of our productions are family friendly).

I NEED to be on Stage

If you would like to be an actor, an extra, help direct, or deal with the spotlight contact either David Watters or Kenny Vandenberg.

Techie, maybe

If you are interested in working behind the scenes with the sound, lights, stage hand, building the set, props, or anyone of the other many jobs that need to be filled for every production, contact Garrett Lenz.

Everything Else

Even if none of those roles interest you, we still have a lot of positions to fill. We always need volunteers to staff our concession booth, take tickets, spread the word about our productions. If you want to volunteer and know what you would like to do or even if you don’t know how to help, contact Denise Ohrt.