Advertising Partners

Advertising Partner Overview

Whether you sponsor our entire show or purchase an advertisement space, your donation will be appreciated. There is no donation too small to help make our community stronger.

Production Title Sponsor……………..$500

Program Advertisements………………$30

We offer multiple ways to become one of our advertising partners. You can become a Production Title Sponsor, have an advertisement in our show programs, and donate directly to our organization.

Advertising with the Freedom Area Community Theatre is so much more than just advertising. When you purchase advertising this us you will be helping to support the performing arts in the Freedom area and helping to provide a safe environment for all of the performers and crew members. Our productions take a lot of time, effort, commitment, dedication, and funding to produce.

501 (c)(3) Tax Information

Freedom Area Community Theatre is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. This means that all of your contributions are tax deductible. Our Business Administrator, Garrett Lenz, will contact you after you make a donation to personally thank you and to get your a donation receipt.

Production Title Sponsorship

If you have a passion for giving and providing for your community become a Production Title Sponsor would be a great way to give back. We only allow one title sponsor per production. Your company name and logo will appear on the cover of our program, on our website, and your company name will be included in our blasts promoting our productions.

Becoming a Production Title Sponsor will allow FACT to use your donation as the main source of funding for our production. This will allow us to appropriate our original budget towards other programs, such as our Scholarship Program. A minimum donation of $500 is required to become one of our two Production Title Sponsors.

Contact our Business Administrator to learn more about the program and to become a Production Title Sponsor.

Program Advertising

We get it, we’re a small business, too. Sometimes all you can afford is a few dollars. That is exactly the reason we are expanding our program advertising this year. Last year each ad purchase was only seen in one of our productions. This year a $30 donations will get you an ad in both of our production’s programs!

Our theatre holds an audience of 199 for each performance. We typically run three a show for three nights. That means a total of 1,194 people are able to attend our performances. In the past two years, our average attendance has been 209 people. Last year, a total of 437 people came to see our shows. We expect this number to continue to grow and are expecting to have a total audience of more than 600.

Ad $30 an ad, that is less than $0.07 per person. If you advertise through Google, odds are you pay over $1 per person.

Each ad space will measure approximate four inches square. All you will be responsible for is providing an image file (.jpg recommended) that will be placed in the square. You are allowed color text, images, or simply black and white text.