Tips for Your Audition

With auditions fast approaching for FACT’s upcoming 8th season, we wanted to offer some tips in preparing for your auditions. Auditions, whether for Broadway or television, community theater or high school, may seem nerve wracking, overwhelming and downright scary. But, they don’t need to be.

Auditions are intended to give the director an understanding of the performer’s talents and what the performer is capable of with guidance, direction and encouragement. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just show us the best you can do.

Executive Director of Freedom Area Community Theatre, David W. Watters said, “We’re looking for each performer to show up and give us the best representation of their talent. It doesn’t need to be perfect. That’s what rehearsals are for.”

Adds Artistic Director, Kenneth Vandenberg, “Be yourself. Dress in clothes and shoes in which you feel comfortable. Be friendly. Come in, say hi to everyone, and tell us your name. Be unconventional, surprise us – it’ll keep the directors interested. When you do your talent, do it like it’s opening night, with all the energy and excitement you use in performance. Let us see how great you can be. And above all else – SMILE!”

Remember that we’re all human in those rooms, and you can affect us on an emotional level. It’s what we all really want. That’s your job, to give us the audition we need to champion you with all our hearts. We all want you to do great work. We’re rooting for everyone that walks into that room. Show up and do your best work possible. You have the power to make that happen.