Streamlining Communication

Streamlining Communication
This season we are going to try to streamline communication for everyone – performers, parents, cast & crew, audience members, and the community. In the past we communicated to our FGT and Play crew by posting in groups on Facebook. This wasn’t the best because not everyone has a Facebook account and notifications don’t always show up when we post an important update.

In order to solve this issue, all of our information can be found right here, on our website. No signing up or logging in required! Our posts specific for FGT and our play, Almost, Maine, will get pushed to their Facebook groups so if that’s how you always got our updates then nothing will change for you.

There is also an added bonus for everyone. Our website is set up to provide RSS feeds. RSS feeds are an easy way for you to view and get notified of our latest posts without visiting our website. You will need an RSS feed app on your phone; luckily, there are tons of really good free ones! All you have to do is download the app (see some suggestions below) and copy the link into the app. Once we post you will be notified of our update which will be extremely helpful for changes to our rehearsal schedules.

Website Links
You can find all of the updates for Freedom’s Got Talent and Almost, Maine on our website by going to their landing page. The pages can be found in our main menu (above) under “Players”.

Freedom’s Got Talent:
Almost, Maine:

RSS App Recommendations
iOS: Newsify and Feedly
Android: Feedly and gReader

RSS Links
All Freedom Area Community Theatre Posts:
Only Freedom’s Got Talent Posts:
Only Almost, Maine Posts:

If you still have some questions or a little confused you can email