Season Six, 2014 – Crossroads


An indecisive, care-free Tramp is at the crossroads of life. The Tramp must help solve the conflicts between the Scientist of the South, the Monster of the West, the Great Bird of the East and the Cold Queen of the North. Through his experiences, the Tramp discovers a more meaningful purpose for living.

This is an audience participation play; it is filled with lots of laughter and learning. Participating during the performance is highly encouraged.

Performance Dates

7 PM Thursday, July 31st
7 PM Friday, August 1st
7 PM Saturday, August 2nd


Admission is $10. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Digital Download

A complimentary digital download is available. Visit the Digital Downloads page.

Production List

Director – Kenneth Vandenberg
Assistant Directors – Drake Webb &  Anthony Holtz
Stage Manager – Drake Webb
Technical Director – Brady Bunjovac
Set Design – David W Watters
Lighting Design – Brady Bunjovac
Lighting Technician – Brian VanderHeiden
Sound Design – Kenneth Vandenberg
Sound Technician – Tim Van Veghel
Costumer – Denise Ohrt
Makeup Design – Chloe Laurie VanStralen
Photographer – Parker Lenz


Spirit of the Sign Post – Hannah Ohrt
Puck – Lincoln Ohrt
Robin – Laurel Mischler
A Little Tramp – Nathen Gerndet
Scientist of the South – Anthony Holtz
Cold Queen of the North – Cassidy Ohrt
Proud Bird of the East – Cassidy Caloway
Mighty Monster of the West – Nick Lawson