Season Seven, 2015 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Dream deals with the universal theme of love and its complications: lust, disappointment, confusion, marriage. FACT’s freely adapted version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes many liberties with the Bard’s text. In doing so, it achieves a comedy style of its own. Peter Quince the carpenter is out of work, and in his idleness, persuades his gang, the rude mechanicals, to compete for a prize the duke is offering for a play to be performed in honor of his wedding. The rude mechanicals snatch at the chance to recoup their failing fortunes. Manipulated by Puck, a playful sprite, Quince writes a play about Pyramus and Thisbe and recruits the rude mechanicals to perform in it. It proves to be a riot but will their play win the prize?

Director’s Notes

Freedom Area Community Theatre (FACT) is proud to present William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This is a unique experience for FACT as it is the first time in our history we will be presenting a work from classical theatre. This will also mark our first venture into producing an outdoor production this fall.

The Dream explores the themes of unrequited love and mistaken identity, and goes beyond to examine the magical forces at work in a fantastical wood where it’s easy to lose one’s self. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of Shakespeare’s best known and most enduring comedies. This production will be a unique and magical re-telling by FACT with comedy, music, and dance used to tell the story.

Our version of Shakespeare’s “Dream” will be a radical re-working of one of Shakespeare’s most enchanting comedies. With an abridged and adapted script, music, movement, and a talented young cast assembled, the show promises to be a great showcase for the vibrancy of what Freedom Area Community Theatre is all about.

Performance Dates

7 PM Thursday, August 13th
7 PM Friday, August 14th
7 PM Saturday, August 15th
Dusk Friday, September 25th – Outdoor Production (Free)
Dusk Saturday, September 26th – Outdoor Production (Free)


Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for students 18 and under. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Production List

Production Manager – Christen Vidas
Director – Kenneth Vandenberg
Assistant Director – Nathen Gerndt
Stage Manager – Kaylee Vander Linden
Assistant Stage Manager – Trevor Van Wychen
Technical Director – David W. Watters
Set Design –  David W. Watters
Lighting Design – Brady Bunjovac
Lighting Technician – Brian Vander Heiden
Sound Design – Kenneth Vandenberg & Tim Van Veghel
Sound Technician – Tim Van Veghel
Costumer  -Grace Rundquist
Makeup Design – Kenneth Vandenberg & Grace Rundquist
Photographer – Parker Lenz

Cast List

Puck – Nathen Gerndt
Nick Bottom – Nick Lawson
Peter Quince – Reive Pullen
Francis Flute – Jacob Tomazevic
Robin Starveling – Hannah Ohrt
Tom Snout – Cassidy Callaway
Snug – Kaitlyn Popp
Theseus – Nolan Elsbecker
Hippolyta – Maggie Prewitt
Peaseblossom – Grace Swietlicki
Mustardseed – Jaxen Grendt