Season Five, 2013 – Home Room of Doom


Strange things are happening in Mrs. Abernathy’s High school home room. More than half of her students are absent or late and there’s strange chanting sounds coming from the hallway. Student Council President Heather Graves maintains the chants are coming from the creepy janitor Mr Crowley. Heavy metal Doom Core expert Scott insists the chants are are actually spells that will unleash a ancient Carpathian Curse upon the school. Cody believes the Zombie Apocalypse is about to begin. And Kelsey thinks everyone is overreacting to what is just a flu outbreak or senior prank. But what about those bizarre zombie-like students appearing in the doorway? Who wants to leave the safety of home room and find out?

Director’s Notes

I’ve had the opportunity to work with various theatre groups over the many years I’ve been doing theatre.   Each group has brought forth their own unique character, but there is one group that continues to impress me….the group of students, alumni, adults, parents, and audience members in the Freedom Community.  You have the unique ability to take each new challenge head on and produce some top notch shows.  Take the time now to pat yourself on the back.  Keep up the good work!

This season I was given the opportunity to become the Executive Director of the Freedom Area Community Theatre (FACT).  Most of my theatre experience has been from the technical side so putting on my director’s hat was going to be a challenge.  Little did I know though how well the Freedom Community I spoke of before was going to help me take on this challenge.  I am grateful for the help I’ve received and I look forward to continuing to work with this community.  It really is amazing how this community steps up.

With the community’s support, FACT has purchased some new sound equipment. I am also excited to announce that FACT will be offering a scholarship to graduating seniors in the Freedom Community.  This is amazing.  We are very excited about this.

In closing, I would like to extend a thank you to everyone that has supported the Theatre Arts in Freedom.  The shows we produce would not be possible without this community’s involvement and I look forward to working with this great community in FACT’s future endeavors.
Thank You,
David W Watters

Performance Dates

7 PM Thursday, August 1st
7 PM Friday, August 2nd


Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.

Production List

Playwright – Lee Mueller
Director – David W Watters
Production Manager – Denise Ohrt
Technical Director – Brady Bunjovac
Lights Op – Zak VanderLinden
Sound Designer – Garrett I Lenz
Sound Op – Steve Perry
Sound Op – Tim Van Veghel
Choreographer – Maddie Lenz
Make up Assistant – Chloe Van Stralen & Kaylee VanderLinden

Cast List

Ms. Abernathy – Anthony Holtz
Bryson Collins – Gabby Kittredge
Heather Graves – Cassidy Ohrt
Kelsey Kinsler – Kim Kruckeberg
Heidi Black – Cassidy Calaway
Cody Dawson – Garrett Bolwerk
Sierra Wilson – Sierra Lindahl
Kaitlyn King – Caitlin Derivan
Carson Kamp – Carson Klister
Grace Jones – Grace Munes
Zombie – Hannah Ohrt

Special Thanks!

Andrew Beyer, Lois Gegare, Parent Volunteers, Freedom Area School District, & Lori Evers

URL: Playdead Productions – Home Room Of Doom