Digital Improv Games


Tired of social distancing? Need more theatre in your life? Improv Games by FACT is exactly what you need!


We will be holding digital improve games every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for at least two weeks, starting Monday, March 23rd. Sessions will begin at 2 PM each day.


Our improv classes are open to anyone in either High School or Middle School (6th through 12th grade).


You must have a computer, phone, or tablet with both a webcam and a microphone for audio/video. All subjects and language need to remain school appropriate. You are not required to attend all sessions; pick and choose when you want to attend.

You will need to join our Google Classrom (Google account required) and Google Meet (no Google account required).


Join our Google Classroom using code: ixl4knd

Join our Google Meet using link:


Pick a portion of a song of your choice. (Verse and Chorus, 2 Verses, Chorus only) Use the lyrics as your script for a dramatic reading. Make your piece unique, Ideas:
Use a sad voice for a happy song
Read a love story as if it’s a tragedy
Change the melody or rhythm
Work with a partner and make it into a conversation
Overemphasise the emotions.

Try to keep your performance to under 2 minutes per person.
Look at the youtube videos bellow for examples.

Love yourself by Morgan FreemanYouTube video   ‪1 minute‬
A Dramatic Reading of the Alphabet SongYouTube video   ‪1 minute‬
Celebrities Do Dramatic Reading Of Selena Gomez’s ‘Hands To Myself’YouTube video   ‪1 minute‬