Board Members

Our Board of Directors features two sets of board members: the Executive Board and the Advisory Council. The Executive Board is in place to run the organization while the Advisory Council is present to advise the Executive Board members on all topics ranging from upcoming productions to creating yearly budgets. Say hello to our members!


Executive Director – David W Watters

David has been a large part of FACT since we began. He originally said he never wanted to be on our Board of Directors and, at most, he would only consider being on our Advisory Council. However, FACT has been lucky enough to call David our Executive Director since 2010.

David is responsible for finding Directors, Production Managers, and Technical Directors. If you would like to become involved with a production or our organization, of if you have a question about our community theatre, call or email David for further information.


Business Director – Garrett Lenz

Garrett is the last founding member of FACT who is still heavily involved with the organization. He has helped to write many of the policies and bylaws for the organization. Garrett is responsible for the long term organization and image of FACT.

Contact Garrett if you have questions about the organization, general production related questions, or questions relating to invoices and payment.


Artistic Director – Chloe VanStralen

Chloe has grown up performing in FACT’s Freedom’s Got Talent and many of our plays. She was also the first recipient of our scholarship program. She has been an asset to the organization and has been helping to shape our productions even before she joined the Advisory Council in 2016.

Chloe works directly with the Executive Director to find production staff and plan upcoming productions. She also is responsible for outreach into our community. Contact Chloe for information about joining the organization and for ways for you or your business to work with FACT.


Director of Operations – Cassie Bougie

Cassie has been a part of FACT since the beginning. She started as a middle-school student acting and singing on stage. After graduation, Cassie spend two seasons directing Freedom’s Got Talent with Chloe VanStralen. In 2018, Cassie became the organization’s Director of Operations. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. She is also responsible for ensuring our production staff receive the necessary support to produce a wonderful production.

Contact Cassie for questions regarding our current productions and ways you or your business can become involved with a production.


Controller – Parker Lenz

Parker started as an audio technician for our productions when he was in High School. His photography business also volunteered a lot of time to produce videos and pictures for our shows. Parker will be expanding the position of Controller to include a broader scope of the organization’s financials.

Parker is responsible for everything from paying invoices to ensuring our production accounts are correct. Contact Parker for all questions relating to the organization’s finances, including our non-profit status.


Seated Executive Board Members – [vacant]

The seated executive board positions are currently vacant. The Seated Executive Board Members do no have duties similar to the other Executive Board Members; however, they do have the same voting rights as the other Executive Board Members. These two positions are in place to help ensure a fair and balanced vote is also present.


Advisory Council

Brady Bunjovac
Tim Van Veghel

The Advisory Council is unique to FACT in that it can provide an additional ten people direct input into the operation of the organization without diluting the power of the Executive Board Members. Contact any of the current Executive Board Members or Advisory Council Members if you are interested in joining our Advisory Council.