2020 Production Information

We have some GOOD news and some BAD news to share.

The BAD news first:

We made the difficult decision to cancel this production this summer. With all the uncertainties with the virus, we don’t want to risk everyone putting so much time into the show for it to possibly not happen. We are unaware of restrictions and what the High School’s plans are.

BUT The GOOD news:

THE SHOW IS STILL HAPPENING, but at a later date. We were thinking in January 2021.

That being said, we understand if you are unable to do the show now that it is in the winter. The show will still take place in the high school theater  as planned. Rehearsals would start around the end of October/ beginning of November 2020. We really are excited that the show is still happening, even if it isn’t going to be in the summertime like normal.

 PLEASE NOTE: Although this Summer’s show is put on hold until Winter, we are planning to have an open mic night in the beginning of August. It would be an outside event, most likely held at the VFW park in Freedom. There will be more details to come once we reserve the space and figure out exact dates. 

What now?

Reach out to us if you are still interested in performing, FGT@FACTplayers.org.

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